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Here at Inca Alpaca we pride ourselves in offering the very best in after sales support and a long friendly relationship. If you are looking to farm these amazing animals for business and/or pleasure we offer newcomers an opportunity to visit our farm and be introduced to our herd. We will then take you through all facets of alpaca ownership and point you in the right direction for success.
After you purchase from us the assistance we offer really begins. We will work as closely with you as you wish when it comes to farm set up, husbandry requirements, business planning, breeding programmes, showing, marketing and 24 hour advice and support.

Alpaca Consultancy for alpaca selection, negotiation, importation and breeding

Tim Hey is available to work as an alpaca consultant for individuals looking to enter into the alpaca industry or for alpaca owners looking to purchase more stock and make important breeding decisions. Some alpaca owners in Europe would like to obtain new breeding stock from abroad and import them into their country. However, many don’t have the knowledge and sometimes the confidence to travel out, select and then import the alpacas.

The areas of alpaca consultancy that are very popular are:

– Identification and selection of breeding stock in the UK. This service is especially popular for people starting out with alpacas for the first time.
– Selection, negotiation and importation of breeding stock from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Peru.
– Stud male selection for servicing here in the UK.
– Herd assessment and breeding programme formulation.
– Farm set up and management.
– Marketing.
– Valuations.

Tim has acted as an alpaca consultant for over twenty years and in this time has selected and brokered the sale of some of the most influential and highly successful males and females Europe has ever seen. Some of the stock Tim has selected include:

EP Cambridge Top Account, EP Cambridge Imposing, Rural Alianza Wiracocha, Rural Alianza Don Pepe, EP Cambridge Savabeal, Alpha Centuari Kommissar, EP Cambridge Blockbuster, EP Cambridge The Investor ET, EP Cambridge Gunfire, EP Cambridge Courage, EP Cambridge Tierce, Kurrawa Archer, Koricancha Sinbad, Mariah Hill Mambo, Tiera Primero and EP Cambridge Strike Gold.

Using Tim’s experience, knowledge, contacts and expertise enables breeders to save time and money both in the short term by buying the right stock and setting their alpaca business up properly and also in the long term with correct breeding and marketing decisions. The consultancy we offer gives customers peace of mind that they are minimising the mistakes when it comes to purchasing stock and developing their own enterprise. The alpaca consultancy fee is fairly priced and is a small fee to pay to ensure that your selection is going to be the best one possible.

To discuss Tim’s consultancy service and find out rates please call Tim on +44 (0)7875532827 or email


 Agistment & Management

We are pleased to offer agistment and/or total herd management.

Agistment is charged at £7/week from April to September and £8/week for the remainder of the year. This includes all necessary supplemental feeding, routine worming, vaccinations, toe trimming, daily inspections and hands on inspections at least once a week.

Total herd management is also available at very competitive rates. Take advantage of over 20 years alpaca experience and expert knowledge when it comes to caring, breeding and getting the highest return for your invested capital.

Please email us to find out more about our herd management packages.

importplaneImporting & Exporting from the EU and the Middle East

We have over twelve years’ experience exporting alpacas from the UK. Exporting from our farm could not be easier and we can arrange the entire procedure as we have a dedicated quarantine and export facility based here at Inca Alpaca. We have built up a great relationship with our vets that provide us fixed pre export testing charges. We also work with two major alpaca transport companies (LOC Transport and John Parker International) who can take as little as 2 alpacas to several dozen in one load at very competitive prices. Transportation is carried out by road throughout Europe and by air to the Middle East. If buyers wish to collect their own alpacas and export them onto mainland Europe then we can arrange this.

If we organise the quarantine, pre-export testing of the alpacas as well as apply for the export license and arrange the transport; buyers from anywhere in Europe can have their alpacas in just 3 weeks after your selection. Exports to the UAE, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia generally take 6 to 8 weeks to arrange.

photo_of_introduction_course_2_webAlpaca Courses and Training Days

We offer two courses here at Inca Alpaca.

– Introduction to alpacas

– Advanced Coloured Alpaca Selection and breeding


To find out more about these courses, dates and cost please click here


Inca Alpaca always has a good supply of frozen plasma for clients to collect if they are having difficulties with their crias.
If you are concerned that passive transfer of essential antibodies in the colostrum has not been successful from mother to cria, then please do not hesitate to ring us anytime.

The best way to contact us is call +44 (0)7875532827

grey-female-head-webHead Collars

Head Collars/Halters – All are fully adjustable
Alpaca halters are supplied to Inca Alpaca by Van Diemen Alpacas in Australia. The halters have been improved and tested over the last ten years to finally end up with a halter that is strong, comfortable for the alpaca and very stylish. The alpaca halters are made from very high quality polyester and come with their own lead. They are fully adjustable around the nose and behind the head to ensure perfect fitting. All halters are fully guaranteed and come in a range of colours:

– Yellow – Green – Blue – Red Price: £14.50 + VAT includes lead. Postage extra (usually £3.00 – 1st class).