Inca Grey Flyte – Medium Grey



Type: Huacaya
Colour: Medium Grey
Date of Birth: 13th September 2011
Registered With: British Alpaca Society
Service Fees: ‘Available for  selected drive by services only’
On Farm: Not available
Drive By: Not available
Mobile*: Not available

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Please note: Inca Grey Flyte is now owned by Alpagas du Maquis. Please contact them for Flyte’s availability in Belgium.


  Cedar House Brave Heart (Solid White – Huacaya)
Cedar House Neptune (Solid Light Fawn – Huacaya)
  Cedar House Miss Bonnie (Solid Light Fawn – Huacaya)
Cedar House Long John (Light Grey – Huacaya)
Coolaroo Ruffian (Rose Grey – Huacaya)
Alveston Think Pink of Cedar House (Medium Grey – Huacaya)
  Coolaroo Shebah (Rose Grey – Huacaya)
Inca Grey Flyte (Medium Grey – Huacaya)
Blue Grass Waterloo Sunset (Rose Grey – Huacaya)
Wyona Sunset Triumph (Medium Grey – Huacaya)
Wyona Ekstazee (Rose Grey – Huacaya)
Inca Grey Dubonnet (Medium Grey – Huacaya)
Grey Wispa of Inca (Medium Grey – Huacaya)

Current Fibre Results:

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Secondary follicle to primary follicle ratio:
Follicle Density (at 70kg body weight): 
Crimps per cm:
Fibre growth Rate:

Fleece (5th): (06/05/2016), Fibre Testing Authority: AAFT
MIC: 22.90µM, SD: 5.20µM, CV: 22.80%, 9.70% Over 30 Microns(µM), SF: 22.70µM, CEM: 11.0µM

3rd Year Fleece Yield: 3.74kg, 3rd Year Staple Length: 100mm


Inca Grey Flyte is the culmination of careful selective breeding to come up with a male that is phenotypically outstanding. The conformation this male displays is correct in every area. Fast growth and general fecundity was carefully monitored as Flyte grew and his performance has been excellent and highly productive. This male has great show ring presence. His legs have correct angulation and his overall proportion is true and robust.

The fleece that Inca Grey Flyte has grown in the first two years of his life is ultrafine and soft. The density of the fibre is very high and the fibres are well aligned. Great uniformity of micron exists both within the staple and also right across the entire fleece on this male and the transition line into the belly and brisket is very advanced. The high level of brightness, uniformity and general fineness of the fleece give it a luxurious handle that is so rare in grey males of this type.

Show results:

BAS National Show 2014
1st Place Intermediate Grey Huacaya Fleece, Reserve Champion Grey Fleece. Judge: Mr. Rob Bettinson

BAS SWAG Autumn Show 2013
1st Place Adult Grey Male Huacaya Judge: Mrs. Liz Barlow

Royal Bath and West Show 2013
1st Place Intermediate Grey Male Huacaya, Best British Bred Huacaya at Show Judge: Mr. Dominic Lane

BAS National Show 2013
1st Place Junior Grey Huacaya Fleece Judge: Mr. Nick Harrington-Smith

Hapert Show – Holland 2013
1st Place Junior Grey Huacaya Fleece, Champion Grey Huacaya Fleece Judge: Mrs. Amanda Vanden Bosch

Honiton Show 2012
1st Place Junior Grey Male Huacaya, Champion Grey Male Huacaya Judge: Mr. Nick Harrington-Smith

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