Alpaca Imports and Exports

1st_pick_girls_aImporting Alpacas from Australia and New Zealand

Inca Alpaca was founded mainly on stock selected and imported from Australia through New Zealand. This was due to the huge advancements in alpaca that this country have made in the last 25 years. Australian breeders recognise the value in alpaca and have applied and adapted the techniques and breeding strategies used in their long standing merino wool industry to create the best stock in the world. A breeder in Europe can purchase stock that is very uniform in many characteristics including pedigree colour. This uniformity, sound conformation and advanced fleece characteristics enables breeders to breed alpacas that are more likely to be predictable in the progeny they produce and therefore minimising the risks of poor outcomes and increasing the chances of long term success. We have carried out many selections in Australia and New Zealand on behalf of our clients and for Inca Alpaca. Our experience in selecting and importing alpacas from these countries is extensive and proven. We offer clients an opportunity to have first class huacaya and/or suri stock selected with you or on your behalf and then imported to your farm. Our selection process is very comprehensive with full stock evaluations, pictures and fibre readings available to you before a purchase is made. Being Australian, Tim has kept very close, trusting and long standing relationships with some of the leading breeders in Australia and New Zealand. This helps to ensure that we access and import some of the very best stock, including champions, that would not be available on the domestic market due to competition. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out about our next import and to ask for a no obligation discussion and quotation.

importplaneImporting Alpacas from South America

Inca Alpaca was not entirely founded by Australian and New Zealand stock. Some of the very best females standing with us have come from South America. The Chilean alpaca industry has gone through some major changes in the last ten years. The development of co-operatives amongst some farmers has meant that for the first time many alpacas are being properly selected and bred for conformation and advanced fleece types. This is a far cry from the days when lower quality alpacas were first imported into the UK from Chile. There are protocols in place with short quarantine times for the export of alpacas from Chile to the EU. Correct commercial aircraft makes small (15) and large (up to 800) imports from Chile both affordable and beneficial for those breeders looking for white and especially coloured alpacas.


Tim with a days selection at Rural Alianza EPS Peru – 2004. 20 females were selected from a group of 400.

Peru offers breeders here in the EU an opportunity to purchase large number of high quality and uniform alpacas at one time. Together with ABQ Alpacas and Alpacas of Wessex we have developed strong relationships with many of the leading breeders and show winners in Peru, including Koricancha and Rural Alianza EPS. The protocol and selection process for Peru is slightly more complicated as the stock being imported need to be in residence in a third country for six months before entering the EU. Our colleague Bryan Pantin has made our imports from South America possible. Bryan lives in Santiago who for many years has and still does farm alpacas. He has built up very strong relationships with government, breeders and shipping agents enabling our selections and exports to run very smoothly and efficiently. Please contact us for information regarding importing alpacas anywhere in Europe. We will be happy to meet with you for a no obligation discussion.

loc-transport-truck-webExporting Alpacas Throughout Europe

We have had experience moving alpacas throughout Europe for many breeders in the European Union and Switzerland. In the last year alpacas have left Britain for France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Spain. With a dedicated area for pre export isolation Inca Alpaca has all the facilities, contacts and experience to export alpacas to any location within Europe. For countries outside the EU our livestock agent will endeavor to obtain import requirements and liaise with the appropriate government bodies. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion and quote about importing alpacas from our farm or other breeders here in the UK into your country. Below are some pictures of our double fenced, DEFRA approved pre export isolation facility. We have two paddocks that are double fenced and electrified to deter vectors, enabling us to carry out two different consignments at one time. All visitors in and out of each facility disinfect their boots and strict bio security is in effect across the entire holding. To find out more about exporting alpacas to your country please contact us isolation-2-web isolation-6-web