Alpacas in the UK

Alpacas UKWhy own alpacas?

Alpacas are now farmed all over the globe for a variety of reasons but the main reason is that they can provide a healthy income from breeding and fleece production. It is important to note that alpacas are a fleece bearing animal and the long term goal of all countries currently farming alpacas is to provide alpaca fleece to meet the growing worldwide demand.

Here in the UK and Europe the alpaca UK industry is first and foremost a stud stock industry and alpaca breeders will make money from breeding and selling for many years before we have enough fibre to meet commercial demand. This is in contract to many other alternative farming enterprises that haven’t focused on the end product until they had breed through boom and bust cycles.The aim of the British alpaca industry is to increase the number of alpacas in the country while at the same time breeding up the quality of these alpacas so that they produce more high quality fibre on correctly conformed bodies. The UK alpaca industry is committed to becoming a fibre industry.

People in the UK and Europe buy alpacas for a variety of reasons. These include:

– A lifestyle change.
– Wish to start and develop and new business enterprise.
– Diversification from other livestock or farming methods.
– To create retirement income or to add to a pension fund.
– Tax benefits.
– To produce high quality fleece.
– To enjoy the challenge of improving a breed through selective breeding.

Alpacas UK are rare and precious animals and for this reason they have a high value. Demand from the UK and Europe exists for all types of alpacas and this demand is set to increase as imports from the Southern hemisphere have declided due to cost and demand coming from Asia.

Over half of all alpaca owners breed alpacas in the UK as they enjoy keeping them and many of them get an excellent return on their capital investment.

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Alpacas UKAlpacas UK Husbandry and care

The last twenty years has shown us how easy it is for anyone to keep alpacas. These wonderful animals have adapted very well to life in Britain and are now in the fields of many properties throughout the country. Alpacas are hardy animals whose forebears have spent thousands of years grazing on seasonally diverse pastures in very harsh weather conditions. Here at Inca Alpaca we have developed a husbandry regime that keeps our alpacas healthy, happy and in optimum condition. We can divide basic alpaca care and husbandry into eleven areas.

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Alpaca FAQ

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The history of the alpaca

Related to the vicuña, llama and guanaco the alpaca is a rare and precious animal thought to be a cross between llamas and vicuñas some 6000 years ago. Alpacas have had a turbulent history. Treasured by the ancient Inca civilisation, their fine fleeces were reserved for Incan royalty. Together with their close relatives, the llamas, alpacas provided clothing, food, fuel and, no doubt, companionship as domesticated animals high in the altiplano of Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

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