Alpaca Judge – About Tim Hey

Alpaca judge Tim Hey’s journey and passion for farming black alpacas.

Alpaca judgeBeing an alpaca judge is a privilege and a task that I take very seriously. The last one hundred and fifty years have seen the majority of alpaca breeders in Peru selectively breed towards white and fawn causing the numbers of black alpacas to fall to a very low level and the quality of the fibre remain quite poor and unimproved. Breeding high quality coloured alpacas, in particular black, is a challenge that Tracey and I have taken up and are passionate about. Through the use of careful breeding decisions and strategies developed in Australia we strive to breed black alpaca to the quality now seen in the best white stock.

My passion for breeding black alpacas and becoming an alpaca judge began back in Tasmania where our family farm comprised of quite a few black huacayas. After selectively breeding blacks for some years and winning some prestigious awards in Tasmania our family herd grew in numbers and quality. After graduating from University, I had the pleasure of living for six months on a farm owned by one of Australia’s pioneer alpaca breeders Irene and Ken Allston at Inca Alpaca Stud. Irene Allston (pictured left with Tim) was an AAA judge and has successfully bred black huacaya and suri for many years, winning major prizes at the Royal Melbourne, Royal Sydney and AAA National Shows. Ken Allston was heavily involved in the formation and rationalisation of the Australian Alpaca Association and was awarded a life membership in the late 1990’s. My passion for black alpaca also extended to my home life Alpaca judgewhere our family stud farmed a good number of black alpacas and were very successful in the show ring and in their production of elite black alpaca fibre. I would like to thank Irene and Ken Allston for sharing their passion with me and my parents Diane and Robert for their guidance and support through the years. We are very proud to carry on from Irene and Ken with the Inca name in the UK. I hope that we can live up to their high standard.

With a herd of quality alpacas in Tasmania and my parents wanting to travel in retirement we decided to export many of our black alpacas to England to form the core of Inca Alpaca. Further investment has allowed us to import extremely high quality black bloodstock from Australia. These imported females have formed the top end of Inca Alpaca’s plantel herd.

Inca Alpaca takes great pride in offering clients support and advice from 24 years alpaca farming experience in Australia and the UK. We have taken great care in the selection of our bloodstock to ensure strong uniform genetic lines that will impart desirable characteristics to the progeny. This in turn will ensure our long-term success and that of our clients through minimising breeding risks and developing the sale of high value bloodstock and fibre domestically and into the ever growing European market. Inca Alpaca shares a strong relationship with Anja and Peter Winkelmolen of Alpaca Farm Tienda Molino in Holland, Bryan Pantin in Chile and EP Cambridge Alpaca Stud Australia and UK. These alliances will ensure that our clients have the best service and resources possible in this new European farming venture.

Alpaca judge

Tim with the Supreme Champions at the 2015 AAA national Show

In 2006 Tim qualified as a British Alpaca Society halter and fleece alpaca judge. Tim has judged all over the world with high highlight being the 2015 Australian Alpaca Association National Show where he co-judged over 590 alpacas with Mrs. Karen Caldwell.


Tim Hey is available for being an alpaca judge for halter and fleece classes worldwide. To view Tim’s judging CV please click here



Below is the original Inca Alpaca Stud logo and their first champion – Inca Zulu.