Alpaca Fleece – our fleece

Here at Inca Alpaca we do two things with our Alpaca fleece:

1. We have some fleece spun into knitting yarn and felting rovings for retail sale.

2. We sell the majority of our fleece to Norsk Alpakka or Two Rivers Mill.

Below is a small gallery of alpaca models displaying British designed and made alpaca products. All of the black alpaca used in these garments came from our herd.

Alpaca Fleece

Alpaca Fleece:

Alpaca fleece, described as ‘fibre of the Gods’ by the Incas of Peru is one of the worlds most precious fibres. Warmer and stronger than cashmere and softer and more lustrous than wool it is no wonder that alpaca fibre is in short demand. It is estimated that only 21% of the world market for alpaca fibre is currently being met. The bulk of the worlds alpaca fibre is being produced by Peru and Australia. Nearly all developed countries now have significant alpaca populations with a common goal to produce alpaca fibre for the international market. Prized by Italian designers the Italian fibre mills produce the best yarns in the world. London tailors use alpaca cloth to produce the finest suits and the Japanese spin and weave alpaca fibre with silk.

The beauty of alpaca is that it comes in 22 natural colours ranging from pure white and cream, fawn, brown, grey and pure black, the only black fibre that does not need to be dyed.

To learn more about the finer points of alpaca fleece structure and why it has a huge market advantage over wool and cashmere click here

Alpaca Fleece

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Norsk Alpakka

Alpaca Fleece

Norsk Alpakka is a new and innovative company committed to the production of high quality fashion and home wares. They offer local and environmentally friendly products that are made with consideration to both animals and humans.

They feel a great responsibility to bring the natural fibre from the farm through to the finished product. They track the fibre from the back of the alpaca, first clip, processing of the yarn at the mill, manufacture of the products, labeling and finally sales.

Norsk Alpakka wish people to discover the amazing properties of alpaca products.The fibre is light weight, super soft, lustrous, hard wearing, cooling and insulating.

Alpaca Fleece

The response to Norsk Alpakka’s products in the marketplace has been very exciting. With a flagship outlet in Oslo, many Scandinavian airports and product lines improving and expanding, the sky is the limit for Norsk Alpakka.

Here at Inca Alpaca we take great pride in being the UK’s leading supplier of high quality UK grown black, brown and grey fibre for Norsk Alpakka.

We produce saddle and neck fibre in the following grades:

<18 microns
19 – 20 microns
21 – 23 microns
24 – 27 microns

Click below to view a short advertisement for one of Norsk Alpakka’s leading ski related products – Tjubi (all of the black fibre used to make the Tjubi in grey is from our herd)

Norsk Alpakka sell yarn, fashion garments and home wears. To learn more about Norsk Alpakka and visit their online shop here: