We are proud to announce that Inca Grey Flyte has been purchased by Laurence and Eric from Alpacas du Maquis in Belgium.

Having bred Flyte and his dam Inca Grey Dubonnet, we are particularly fond of Inca Grey Fltye and to see the way he developed and the quality traits he has passed to his crias makes us very proud. We had great success with Flyte at the shows where he won a total of 3 championships, one reserve championship and 8 firsts from only 12 shows.

Inca Grey Flyte - Medium Grey Herd Sire          Inca Grey Flyte's Third Fleece

Transported by Alpaca Oord in March after extensive pre-export testing, including Enferplex bTB, Brucellosis and BVD , Inca Grey Flyte joined a stable of elite sires at Alpaga du Maquis.

Laurence with her new herd sire

Kevin from Alpaca Oord Transport looking on









Inca Grey Flyte has now had 43 crias registered on the BAS registry and more are due for registration soon. 
From those registered crias we can see the following breakdown:

Male crias = 43.58%
Female crias = 56.41%
Grey cria from grey dams = 53.3%
Non grey cria from grey dams = 46.7%
Grey cria from non grey dams = 33.3%
Non grey cria from non grey dams = 66.7%

As you can see, Inca Grey Flyte has a better than 53.3% chance of producing a grey cria from a grey dam. These are excellent statistics and way above average for grey herd sires.

Cria from Inca Grey Flyte

Cria from Inca Grey Flyte





Cria from Inca Grey Flyte















Cedar House Long John (LG) – Sire of Inca Grey Flyte – Sire: Cedar House Neptune of Houghton, dam: Alveston Think Pink of Cedar House

Inca Grey Dubonnet (MG) – Dam of Inca Grey Flyte – Sire: Wyona Sunset Triumph, dam: Wispa of Inca










Inca Grey Flyte fleece performance:

2012 – 1st fleece – MIC: 17.1, SD: 4.2, CF: 100, SF: 17.2
2013 – 2nd fleece – MIC: 17.6, SD: 3.6, CF: 99.4, SF: 17.1
2014 – 3rd fleece – MIC: 20.2, SD: 4.7, CF: 94.8, SF: 20.0
2015 – 4th fleece – MIC: 23.5, SD: 5.5, CF: 87.4, SF: 23.3
2016 – 5th fleece – MIC: 22.9, SD: 5.2, CF: 90.3, SF: 22.7
His third year fleece yield was 3.74kg with a staple length of 100mm.

Inca Grey Flyte is much loved here at Inca Alpaca and we are very sorry to see him leave. We wish Laurence, Eric and all of their customers that are able incorporate Inca Grey Flyte into their breeding programme, the very best in their breeding and we hope that Flyte brings colour, conformation and fibre improvements. For more details please contact Alpagas du Maquis

Léa feeling proud as she leads her new alpaca

Flyte heads off to his new paddock with Laurence and Eric