Tina and Alan are the newest specialist alpaca breeders to establish a top breeding herd on the south coast. Located near Wimborne Minster, Tina and Alan have recently retired from their day jobs and have moved lock stock and barrel down from their home near Basingstoke, to start farming pedigree black alpacas on a full time basis in south Dorset. The Sol Alpaca journey started nearly three and a half years ago when Tina and Alan began researching alpacas and the viability of rearing pedigree stock in the UK. Their research brought them to Inca, where they purchased a number of black pregnant females. Their plan was to grow the herd and work along side us so that when the day came to take possession of their herd,  they had the knowledge and experience to care for the alpacas.

The 10.5 acres of land they subsequently purchased, didn’t have any buildings or infrastructure on it at all, so Alan and Tina went through the planning process to allow farm buildings to be built along with a bungalow and office. About six months ago their permission for an agricultural workers dwelling and farm buildings was approved and building began. Although the planning process took some time, it was relatively straight forward and so long as a credible and practical business plan and herd structure is put forward, there is no reason to doubt permission would be granted.

The Sol herd currently consists of around 20 black females, crias and three yearling males. The well constructed paddocks with full badger proof fencing, allows them to move alpacas easily across the holding, while maintaining optimum herd health. Their plan is now to enjoy life to the full and grow the herd significantly. Being so close to Inca and having top biosecurity, Sol alpacas will be able to access Inca sires and continue to advance the black breed. The huge shortage in good black breeding stock underpins the growth we are seeing in this sector. Alan and Tina hope to capitalise on the growing demand coming from the UK and then as their herd and brand grows, Europe and the Middle East.

Tracey, Tim, Georgia and Oliver would like to wish Tina and Alan every success in the future and thank them for allowing Inca Alpaca to be involved. Please watch out for Alan and Tina at the shows and alpaca events in the future and please don’t be afraid to come and say hello. You won’t find a lovelier and more interesting couple. To contact Tina and Alan please email them at tina-lewis@hotmail.co.uk