Beck Brow Jimmy Choos – Black


Type: Huacaya
Colour: Solid True Black
Date of Birth: 17th August 2014
Registered With: British Alpaca Society
Service Fees: Available for drive by, mobile and selected on farm services.
On Farm:  N/A
Drive By:  £450 + VAT
Mobile*:  £750 + VAT

* Mileage charged for mobile servicing. See Terms and Conditions.


  ILR Snowmass Grey Legend (Rose Grey – Huacaya)
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Beck Brow Jimmy Choos (Solid Black – Huacaya)
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Current Fibre Results:

SRS® Skin Analysis – Available soon

Secondary follicle to primary follicle ratio: N/A
Follicle Density (at 70kg body weight): N/A
Crimps per cm: N/A
Fibre growth Rate: N/A

Fleece (2nd): (13/01/2016), Fibre Testing Authority: AAFT
MIC: 20.9µM, SD: 4.8µM, CV: 23.1%, 4.8% Over 30 Microns (µM), SF: 20.8µM, CEM: 10.0µM

3rd Year Fleece Yield: N/A  3rd Year Staple Length: N/A


Beck Brow Jimmy Choos joins the Inca stable of black sires after two years of close observation. Bred by Paul and Barbara, Jimmy Choos represents the finest points of both his sire and dam’s family lines. He is a well grown male who has reached maturity early with immediate fertility. His conformation is correct in every respect with idea proportion, leg angulation, bite and testicular development. The fleece on this male is highly advanced and very dense. Each fibre is fine and bright and it is evident that the follicles are uniformly arranged and evenly spaced. Where this male excels is that he has inherited his granddams (Cambridge Lady Gaga) fleece traits of fineness and density while keeping his sire’s colour. With such a depth of highly performing bloodlines in his pedigree and a phenotype to match, Jimmy Choos will add another dimension and the ability to refine our black breeding programme.

Beck Brow Jimmy Choos is owned by Inca Alpaaca

Show results:

Royal Bath and West Show 2017
1st Place Adult Black Male Huacaya, Champion Black Male Huacaya. Judge: Mrs. Mary-Jo Smith

Eastern Region Fleece Show 2016
1st Place Intermediate Black Fleece, Champion Black Fleece. Judge: Mrs. Val Fullerlove

Scotish Alpaca Championship 2016
2nd Place Intermediate Black Male Huacaya, Reserve Champion Black Male Huacaya. Judge: Mr. Matthew Lloyd

Alpaca Showtime 2015
2nd Place Intermediate Black Male Huacaya, Reserve Champion Black Male Huacaya. Judge: Mr. Rob Bettinson

Westmorland Show 2015
1st Place Intermediate Black Male Huacaya, Champion Black Male Huacaya. Judge: Mr. Nick Harrington-Smith

British Alpaca Futurity 2015
1st Place Junior Black Male Huacaya. Reserve Champion Black Male Huacaya Judge: Mr. Peter Kennedy

NWAG Alpaca Championship 2015
2nd Place Junior Black Male Huacaya. Reserve Champion Black Male Huacaya Judge: Mrs. Mary-Jo Smith

British Alpaca Society National Show 2015
2nd Place Junior Black Male Huacaya. Judges: Mrs. Cathy Lloyd and Miss Natasha Clark

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