Van Diemen Storm – Medium Grey


Type: Huacaya
Colour: Medium Grey
Date of Birth: 30th May 2008
Registered With: Australian Alpaca Association
Service Fees: Available for selected drive by services.
On Farm: Not available
Drive By: £600 + VAT
Mobile*: Not available

* Mileage charged for mobile servicing. See Terms and Conditions.


  Purrumbete Highlander (Solid White – Huacaya)
Adelyn Highland Mist (Solid White – Huacaya)
  Purrumbete Flamingo Mist (Solid White – Huacaya)
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Van Diemen Storm of Inca (Medium Grey – Huacaya)
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Alawah Carmen (Medium Grey – Huacaya)
Shanbrooke Dreamy (Solid Medium Fawn – Huacaya)
Alawah Pippa (Solid Dark Brown – Huacaya)
Purrumbete Misty (Medium Grey – Huacaya)


Current Fibre Results:

SRS® Skin Analysis – Available soon.

Secondary follicle to primary follicle ratio:
Follicle Density (at 70kg body weight):
Crimps per cm:
Fibre growth Rate:

Fleece (8th): (06/05/2016), Fibre Testing Authority: AAFT
MIC: 23.40µM, SD: 4.20µM, CV: 17.90%, 6.60% Over 30 Microns (µM), SF: 22.20 µM, CEM: 8.5µM

3rd Year Fleece Yield: 5.23kg  3rd Year Staple Length: 115mm


Van Diemen Storm was breed on our farm back in Australia after years of planning and strategic breeding. He is a strong and powerful male who is well grown and exhibits huge substance of bone. His correct frame is well covered in fleece and he has a head type that we are looking to bred into our herd.
The fleece that Storm produces is what separates him from other grey herd sires as it is very dense and super fine. He tested 15 microns at 13 months of age and his fleece at 6 years is only 22.1 microns. It is very rare to find such an advanced and highly productive fleece on a frame like Storm’s. Not only is his fleece super fine but it is also bright and very uniform in colour and micron. His long staple length and fast growth rate contributes to his high annual fleece weight.
His dam is a stunning medium grey female who consistently produces top medium grey cria year after year. His sire, Huntley Park Anzac is one of Australia’s best and well known grey sires. With these genetics in his pedigree and a stunning phenotype Van Diemen Storm is already beginning to make an impression in our herd and he is available for outside stud service.

Show results:

2009 Wynard Agricultural Show
Champion Grey Huacaya Champion Grey Huacaya Fleece

2009 Burnie Agricultural Show
Best grey Huacaya at Show

2009 Royal Launceston Show
Reserve Intermediate Champion Male, Best Grey Huacaya at Show

2009 Ulverstone Agricultural Show
Reserve Intermediate Champion Male

2010 Wynyard Agricultural Show
Champion Grey Huacaya, Champion Grey Huacaya Fleece

2010 Burnie Agricultural Show
Best Grey Huacaya at Show

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